Brand name and logo meanings
What are they about?
Our brand style, logo, visuals, and website were created by Elena - a talented graphic designer. She has offered several proposals for PaceMasters logo in different styles (from classic Shield-shaped vintage logos to a modern font-based solutions).
The final selected logo and color combination is there for a reason.

PaceMasters name comes from a combination of the two most important things in racing. Basically, car racing is all about keeping the maximum possible pace at the limit of driver's concentration, and this is where you need be a real master. Formula 1 drivers are there for a reason and only pure professionals can handle those cars.

Our logo is also a mixture of several parts:

- A flag. In car racing flags are used to show the status of the race (good to race, suspended and pace car deployed, finished, etc.), to identify circumstances (such as slow car or danger on the track), and to give message to the driver (if he should let another driver pass). A flag is an essential part of racing.

- P&M letters. The flag shape is a combination of letters P&M, which are the major symbols of PaceMasters name.

- A schematic circuit with a crossing. Such a legendary track like Suzuka inspired us to add this detail to the logo.
Acid Yellow color is being used in racing to highlight and grab attention to the most important objects. Teams are highlighting different parts of the equipment used during a pit so they are visible. Pit board usually has acid yellow symbols so they can be recognized by the driver at a high speed. Also, some moving parts or dangerous parts are painted like this as well.

Moreover Aced Yellow is used to identify Hybrid technology (we also have some Hybrid stuff in our watches - the Mecha-Quartz movement), which is now a part of modern supercars as well as Formula 1 racing cars.

Below you can see some of the options we had.
Some close to the final options of the logo
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