1. How to launch a watch brand

A short story about how we started PaceMasters Watches
It all started with straps, actually.

The idea of starting a watch brand came somewhere in December 2016.
I was sitting at Starbucks and thinking about fashion watches on next person's wrist that had colorful NATO-strap giving some fancy look and highlighting that it is not only a watch but a colorful bracelet as well.

This thing started digging my mind. It was so obvious that people want to have some accessory which reflects their personality, and if there are watches for fashion addicted people, for businessmen who need to show their status, for hipsters with their all-the-time-changing-trends, for regular people just to show them the time, for many other groups of people, why aren't there watches for Formula 1 racing fans like me?

Since that time I started digging watch brands with motorsports-inspired products.
It appeared there are plenty of automotive-inspired brands, having petrolheads as their target group, but there were none proper F1-inspired products.

By saying "proper" I mean both: reasonable pricing for a common racing fan, as well as attention to details to be called "racing-inspired". Of course there are many hi-end luxury brands with $5-10-15K price tag and luxury materials used in products, but they are too far from real world. And there are also reasonably priced watches, which are just "parasite" on the racing theme. In my opinion, putting a "Formula 1" sign on the dial, or using some famous driver's name is just not enough to call yourself a "Racing timepiece". There is a lack of soul in that, if I may say so.

The very first drawings. Trying to find our way...
I wanted to create a watch that a race fan would wear it in the office or on the weekend, who would be proud of his hobby and explaining the details and highlights of his watches to people, so this would bring him a feeling of being part of a special group of people - Formula 1 lovers.

I would say that F1-fans are pretty different from other sports supporters.
Some say "come on, they are driving around the circle and you can see them for half of a second every 1.5 minutes" and find this as a boring sport. We, racing fans, can see much more there: tactics, engineering tricks, technology, personal skills and vagaries of nature, the power of emotions and just... luck sometimes.

Keeping this idea in mind, and targeting same people as we are, we started working on what later became PaceMasters Watches.

We started first steps with drawing straps in racing colors to see how it should look like. After several iterations, we realized that it is not enough just to take a regular looking watches and add some racing livery to them, but there should be something more there.
The birth and development of Pit-board concept
After 2 months we had around 50 different sketches of watches, trying to find our unique style. So by March 2017, we sorted out 4-5 ideas which were standing out of the traditional "automotive" techniques and were looking fresh and promising, and later become PaceMasters unique points.

In our first project - Paddock Chronograph - we have implemented 2 of the concepts and will use others in the next projects. As you may guess, it is about Pit-board part which is covering the Date disk and creates a unique look and the Main Straight with Pole-position marks on the dial to make a parallel with the actual start/finish straight of the circuit.

After we have determined the main distinctive features for the Paddock Chrono concept, it was time to work on rest of the dial and case.

This is the moment when Denis (car designer from Berlin) and Stefan (watch designer from NY) step in.

Stay tuned...

by Evgeny
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