2. PaceMasters Design Team at work

Trying different techniques, sketching, looking for our own style
We are trying to create the unique style for PaceMasters Watches and it was not easy to find our own design features at first. We are a small team of four professionals and luckily three of us have education in arts and design.

It is a great opportunity to have a car design professional consulting you, moreover, having huge experience with interior side of supercars, Denis has suggested using some of the premium materials like carbon fiber and Alcantara. Carbon fiber is pretty well known because of being used not only in sportscars exteriors and interiors but in watch industry as well. But using original Alcantara, which is manufactured only in one place in the world - Italy - was a bit of a challenge because of the price of material itself and limited availability.
Alcantara interior of a Lamborghini supercar
The manufacturer describes the material as follows:

Made by a sophisticated industrial process with no rivals – the recipe is still a secret – Alcantara embodies the new paradigm of a material which has, besides functionality, also the emotional side (it is used as interior material in supercars, and who doesn't like supercars?) and is environmental-friendly. Alcantara is a thoroughly avant-garde material with aesthetic, technical and sensory qualities that no other material can equal.

At PaceMasters have a direct contact with Alcantara manufacturing company and getting it directly from them in order to make our straps.
So when we asked Denis to provide us with some sketches just by defining some of the features we watned to implement, he came back with several proposals based on different styles and eras. It was not easy to decide which one we would start with, but end of the day, being inspired by modern racing of 2000-s and 2010-s we have selected the modern style for the first project - Paddock Chronograph - though leaving some of the design proposals inspired by 70-s and 80-s for the future projects.
After our way was determined we turned to Stefan who is a professional watch designer and engineer. He has a huge background in the watch industry, several awards in design, and projects created by his hands have raised more than $1Mln in crowdfunding.

All together we have spent a lot of time creating the unique style, trying to keep the balance of 70/30 between dial and case for Paddock Chronograph. We wanted these watches to be modern looking, have some sharp edges and bright colors, but considering different groups of F1 racing fans, we have ended up offering two color solutions for the dial: a multicolor racing livery and a more traditional looking black-and-white option.
racing inspired motorsport automotove watch chronograph pacemasters paddock sketch
One of the final stage drawings
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